Constantly drawn to and inspired by the seemingly charming, old and simple way of life and culture, Natalie's love for pastry arts and food has led her to the cobbled streets, cafés and pâtisseries of Paris at the tender age of 19.

Trained under the the esteemed and highly reputable Ferrandi, l'Ecole Française de Gastronomie of Paris and with her desire to learn more and only from the best, she found herself working at Antoinette Singapore, Bar Stories Singapore as well as grand Dorchester Collection Hôtel Le Meurice in Paris. It was there that she gained first hand experience at working and producing modern French pastry for both the Tea Salon and the 3-Michelin starred Restaurant Le Meurice. 

As pastry chef and a self-trained budding food photographer, she invites and shares with you her experiences, stories behind her creations, and recipes with anyone else who is as immensely interested in food, travel and lifestyle as she is, and hopefully inspire others to follow their dreams. Living between Singapore and Paris, that is where she does most of her baking, writing and photography. 

Her journal is also a platform for her to express her ideas and creativity; occasionally recreating classical French pastries in her own flavour interpretations and modern styling whenever she feels inspired.

French pastries as learnt through her experiences; re-created and simplified from her to you.