DIY • Make your own boxes/packaging

Creating your own packaging or gifting boxes can be quite costly as times. Keeping costs low I opted for a DIY packaging cause it's so sincere and well, adorable. I'm not exactly the best at DIY but I'll be showing you a simple way to do your own should you want to make your own for your loved ones.
Also featuring my new packaging just so you know it's a product of Natalie. E if you ever receive/see them or even buy some pastries from me!





I had the privilege of getting invited to Bella Koh's #lovelifeslowlife bake-off event the past two weeks. While I only participated in the second, it was a lovely gathering with people from all different walks of life but all with the same like-mindedness.

We talked, networked and socialized but most importantly, we ate our fills. Click through to hear my experience and for photos of the amazing table setting, food styling, calligraphy as well as divine bakes from all the home-bakers in Singapore. You guys are smashingly impressive.